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Currach racing on the Chesapeake Bay!!

Welcome to the Annapolis Irish Rowing Club. The AIRC is a club dedicated to promoting the nautical heritage of Ireland and the traditional Irish fishing and work boat, the Currach. We are a competitive rowing team, racing against other currach teams across the U.S. from May through October.

We are targeting athletic individuals who have a strong desire to compete and who are willing to make a commitment to practices and regattas to join our team! We practice every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 5:30 PM and Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM at the Charles Carroll House in Annapolis, weather permitting. Here's how to find us.

We can also be found on Facebook and seen on YouTube. Check us out!

The 2016 regatta schedule has been announced with Annapolis hosting our regatta on Saturday, October 1st  (venue to be announced).

If you are interested in joining or sponsoring the Annapolis Irish Rowing Club please contact Captain Egan Nerich at (443) 532-4165 or curraghmen@yahoo.com

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